Blowing Leaves Birth Announcement

This is the first official baby announcement for An Inkling Design! I have made some other baby/toddler event stationery, but this is the first announcement and I couldn't be happier with how it came out!

Jacob's Mommy wanted to have a theme inspired by his crib bedding. However, I wanted to make sure that this announcement had Jacob as the main focus. I decided to take a loose interpretation of his bedding in using the shapes and colors, but not the main jungle theme.

I first placed his photo on the card to ensure he was the sole focus of this announcement. I then interpreted a leaf graphic from his bedding and made it a bit more modern and used it as an accent element for the card.

Next, I focused on the text. I wanted his name to be bold, playful and young. I used a bright green that kept with the colors from his nursery and chose a sunflower yellow as the accent color to tie everything together. We kept the copy light and to the point, allowing plenty of space for your eye to focus on Jacob's photo. The font used draws your attention and with the detailed shadow, becomes very playful. 

I rounded the corners because I wanted soft edges to reflect that softness a newborn brings into our lives.

Congratulations Lisa & Stew!

Owl Nursery Pillow

As you may have seen in my previous post, I got to work with a really cute owl fabric! It was for another pillow! You may recall my first attempt at making a pillow went surprisingly well. They say that practice makes perfect and it's true because this one came out even better.

Lauren became a new mom this month! She had fantastic curtains made from the owl fabric for the nursery. She had JUST enough left over to make something with. She asked if there was enough for a pillow and I jumped at the chance to make it. I had so much fun the last time and this is just such cute fabric I had to make this pillow.

Elliott's pillow

I made the cording from brown corduroy and set it at an angle. I was very happy with how it looked. I sewed the panels together and added a zipper so you can remove the insert to clean the case. When something is made for a baby or child, it's very important to make it washable.

I hope to have additional photos of the pillow in the nursery very soon and will add those when I get them.

I believe this will be it on the sewing for a little while. I have a lot of design work coming in that I'm really excited about and will be sharing a couple of projects with you in the next two weeks. Check back soon!

Jungle Love Invitations

Alexi is going to be having a Welcoming Ceremony to show her off to friends and family. Mom, Brooke, wanted to send out an invitation inspired by Alexi's crib sheets. I took elements from the sheets and quilt and was able to come up with this adorable invite. Hopefully Mom and Alexi will have as much fun at the Welcoming that I had designing this!